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How to use worrying to your advantage

Physician, author, speaker, researcher, and consultant Martin L. Rossman, MD, discusses how to use the power of the healing mind to reduce stress and anxiety, relieve pain, change lifestyle habits, and live with more wellness.

There is some great information here in how the mind creates worry and anxiety and some practical ways to combat that worry-stress-anxiety cycle and calm the mind and body.

Well worth watching

Here's an easy way to use yoga as a daily practice to help calm your body and mind and ease out your stress and anxiety

I always tell people to go to Youtube and find some music that really relaxes you.  Everyone is different in what they like so you have to expirment.  "Weightless" is one of my favorites to meditate to since it really grounds me and gets me very, very relaxed.

This was written by the band Marconi Union specifically to reduce anxiety, blood pressure & your heart rate.  

A new study by US researchers has revealed that playing "Weightless" before surgery could be just as beneficial for calming a patient’s nerves as medication.

When we look at emotional issues they usually have their roots in a past emotional event or trauma but sometimes stress and anxiety has physical roots.  

Food and poor sleep for example can cause a great deal of anxiety in some people.

Dr Axe has a good, clear introduction in how food affects our mood.

Here's one of the best summaries I have seen of OCD and a possible treatment.  Check it out.

Here's another Youtube video that I find very relaxing.  This really knocks me out and I drift off into space.......

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