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Arnold's life story is amazing. Came to America with nothing and dominated the body building world. Then became a top movie star.  Then governor of California and married a Kennedy.

What have you done?  Maybe he has some wisdom for you and I.

I am not one for crying but this video always makes me tear up.  Incredible story or determination and defying the odds.  

Never give up!

Great Nike commercial

Sorry but no excuses!

Don't let others put limits on you.  Do what you want to do.  Period.

Gary V brings the passion and the truth with ferocity.  

Strong language mixed with amazing nuggets of wisdom.

I never get tired of listening to what he has to say.

Your life is like a movie and you're writing the script.  You decide how your "movie" plays out for the rest of your life.  

Decide what you want and go after it.

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