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Is Minimalism the Key to Happiness?

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Minimalism: The Key to True Success and Happiness

What is the key to happiness? We are inundated with marketing that tells us that buying stuff will lead to happiness. Look at all those beautiful people in that commercial having a great time. I want some of that!

Advertisements are everywhere compelling people to buy more products. But is this really the best way to live your life? Is having the most toys leading to a happy life?

The mentality that owning more things equate to success leads people to buy things that they do not need, or are unnecessarily expensive.

While it's true that these things can make a person happy for a period of time, chances are, they will simply crave for more things to buy in the future.

It creates an endless cycle of obtaining things and wanting more. In the end, the things they bought will be discarded and replaced with something newer.


Because of this, a lot of people are now transitioning into a life of minimalism.

What is miminalism?

There are people who will tell you to keep your possessions under an arbitrary number like 100. But this isn't what minimalism is about. While we're surrounded by a society that craves for more possessions, a true minimalist only possesses things that they truly need.

You don't have to restrict yourself with the number of things you own. There is no rule that defines the exact number of things you have. Minimalism is about finding freedom from being overwhelmed. It creates a space in your life that gives you enough room to breathe. It leads you to a life that can show you that materialism isn't the path to happiness.

There is nothing inherently wrong with having material possessions. It’s good to have some fun toys around. We don’t want you to live like a monk, chanting all day, and not having any fun. It’s when your pursuit of possessions takes over your life and you’re constantly chases the bigger boat, the fancier car and the bigger house.

It never ends since there is always someone who has more than you. The chase is endless and you end up with a closet of stuff that you haven’t used in years.

Possessions take some of your energy and focus. Whenever you clear out a closet or a garage there is a universal feeling of lightness. Of weight being lifted off of your shoulders. That was the energy of those things weighing on you and is a central tenet of minimalism.

Clean out the things that aren’t truly necessary in your life. Decluttering experts will say to only keep the things that bring you joy. Sometimes your toys feel like a burden since they need to be maintained and stored. You often feel guilty that you never use them.

Minimalism helps you be successful

You may wonder why a lot of people are drawn towards minimalism. Truth is, there are a lot of things that minimalism helps you with. If your goal in life is to be more successful and happier, minimalism can certainly be your guide. It doesn't simply create more space in your rooms, it can also make you more content and relaxed with your life.

Here are a few more things that minimalism helps you with:

When you clear out the external stuff your internal thoughts and thinking processes also become clearer and more focused.

You're more conscious about each purchase

Being mindful of the things you buy will avoid the things that you don't actually need. It has even become therapeutic for shopaholics to buy things when they're feeling a little stressed. But with minimalism, you become more mindful every time you spend money.

This will make you smarter when it comes to your purchases. It also makes it more meaningful every time you buy something because you know that you truly need it. You can say goodbye to a life of temporary happiness and waiting for the next new thing.

You're more environmental

Earth is our habitat. Our home. You will feel better not contributing to the endless waste of excessive consumerism.

Because you produce less waste from throwing out the products you don't need or want anymore, you're also saving the world you are living in. Aside from global warming, there are just a lot of waste products that pollute the air and water. It might be difficult to see it at first but if you simply pay more attention, you will see it.

You'll be more grateful

While you practice minimalism, you will actually develop a lot of good qualities. The first among them is being more grateful. Minimalism changes your perspective, it makes you feel more content with your life. You will realize just how lucky you are with the non-material things in your life. It might be your family, your health, the beautiful park next door, art, music. Your appreciation for all of this will grow and you will realize how much important this all is.

It also applies to the things you already own. Because of minimalism, you will find that you see their value more and are less likely to throw them if they ever get destroyed. Minimalists are more likely to be handy with tools and fix anything broken on their own. This allows them to minimize the need to get things replaced and to take better care of what they do already own.

Living a higher quality of life

Being trendy does not interest you. You know that the hype for certain things will soon fade, and people will lose interest. Instead, you seek to own objects that will last with you longer, and therefore, subconsciously surround yourself with things that hold more quality. Minimalists are less likely to be gullible. While others will instantly buy a product because an influencer recommends them, a minimalist will be more mindful of their purchase.

Breaking the cycle

Buying new things can be cathartic to someone, but it doesn't mean that it will last. The kind of happiness we get will simply fade. Then, it will be replaced by a craving another newer fancier object. This cycle does not truly end, not until you decide to break it.

Minimalism is here to break the cycle of overconsumption. Instead of looking for happiness every time you buy things, try to look deeper into yourself and find the kind of happiness that will last.

Success should never be defined by the things you own. Instead, success should be based on how happy you are with your life. A lot of people who have become minimalists are enjoying their lives free from guilt and overwhelm. The feeling of freedom from material possessions is one of the best things to feel.

If you are a minimalist, you will find that objects aren't created to be displayed as a trophy of your success. They are meant to be a tool to help you achieve success. When you've realized this, it will lead you to a path of happiness.


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