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“What you want is on the other side of fear”

Do You Want More Peace and Calm in Your Life?
Do You Want a Permanent Way to Clear Your Anxiety, Fear, Sadness, Depression, Anger…? 
Do You Want to Start Reaching Your Goals?
Do You Want Great Relationships?
Do You Want to Feel Happy?


Helping people through tough times Finding the path to happiness

My name is Gary Matthews and I can help you achieve all of that and more.
I started this website, blog and coaching programs to help people move through their fear, anxiety, panic and depression and get to the other side where you can start manifesting what you truly want in life and live how you want to live.

happy family

Happiness, love, peace

Begin today and learn how to be successful in all areas of life.  Health, wealth, career, relationships and just having fun.


Change is possible

Real people, just like you and me, are doing it every day.  Change that used to seem impossible is possible if you have the right knowledge, tools and techniques. 

Release all of your negative feelings: pain, stress, fear, depression, anxiety, anger

You might be skeptical but watch the hours of testimonials on this site and see for yourself how people have healed themselves of all kinds of issues.  Sometimes in less than 30 minutes.

Release what’s blocking you from success in all areas of life: Health, relationships, career, money…

Throughout my blog and the videos I share, I will show you what’s worked for me to make me successful in my own life, providing you tips, techniques and tools for overcoming your negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

I have been there.  I struggled for many years with stress, terrible anxiety leading to panic attacks and OCD, anger and depression.

I knew that pills and talk therapy weren’t going to be a permanent solution so I spent years experimenting and trying it all including hypnotherapy, EFT, The Sedona Method, talk therapy, Pranic Healing, journaling, subliminal tapes, acupuncture, “The Work”, The Emotion Codes….. 


And I got some gains and some relief but the changes were small and incremental and often times they weren’t permanent.

It seems these tools work for some people some of the time but I wasn’t one of them.​

Image by Fernando @cferdo

One weekend I was taking a class on using EFT for eliminating your blocks to making money and getting a better job.  I soon learned that the instructor was broke and struggling to make ends meet.

At that point I made a commitment to work with people who have been successful in their own lives.  If I want money advice then I want to talk to someone who grew up with nothing and started making six figures and more.  If I want advice on how to deal with anxiety then I want to talk to someone who cured their anxiety and panic attacks.

Real people – Real results

There’s a reason why you are here!


And that’s why I am here.  In the video below I talk more about my healing journey and why I can help you….
Once you strip away all of your emotional “stuff” then you get back to your authentic self and life becomes magical.  You’re happy all the time for no reason.  Things manifest with ease.  You learn how to tap into your inner knowing and you will feel guided through life and then life is no longer a burden.  It is full of joy and laughter and peace.

Life becomes easy

It’s what you’ve been seeking all along.  It’s like finally coming home.


Let’s get started

Have fun and read the articles and watch the videos throughout the site
Image by Andrei Lasc
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